For teachers looking for a position : What’s good about working at Intersect?

One of the best things about working at Intersect is the relaxed, friendly, and intimate atmosphere of the school and the nature of the role, and the fact that Native Teachers are given complete creative freedom in designing lesson plans and teaching styles based on the individual needs + level of the students. Compared to a public school or a larger, private English Language school, work standards are a lot more relaxed and easygoing, given that you will only be working and teaching with one other person in an independent enterprise.
Another great thing about working at Intersect is the sheer variety of students in terms of age, personality, background, and English level. Depending on the day, season, and circumstance, you could be teaching a young girl by herself in a private class, large classes of kindergarten + preschool children at an outside school, a rowdy group of 8 year old boys, working adults such as dentists and engineers, and even retired people!
If you are interested in Japanese society and culture, love the prospect of a job where everyday’s schedule is completely different, and have a lot to share about the English speaking world, Intersect is the dream role for you.
Another unique feature of work at Intersect is the working hours + weekends. With the exception of two Tuesdays a month, work shifts typically start from the early afternoon (2pm on most days, but usually no earlier than noon) and go on into the late evening. 
Weekends are unique in that Fridays and Sundays are holidays, with work on Saturdays being an `Open Day` in terms of scheduling, in that there is no fixed weekly class that takes place on this day (although there are students, mostly adults, who typically only come for classes on Saturday, depending on their availability). 
From Monday to Thursday, most of the other classes at Intersect are fixed to once a week, namely the Private / Group In-House / Kindergarten, Preschool classes.

What are the advantages of Intersect for students? なぜインターセクトがいいの?

Students who come to Intersect have the opportunity to participate in fun dialogues, language games, and conversations with both a Native English-speaking teacher and a Japanese teacher. They therefore have the double advantage of authentic exposure to English as spoken by natives while at the same time getting detailed explanations on grammar and Japanese-English differences from the Japanese teacher. All students have the option of one-on-one / Private classes or Group classes with other similarly aged students. 
Children (from late Pre-School / Elementary up to Junior High School) who sign up can expect a lot of fun, interactive language games + activities in a friendly, fun, energetic, and down-to-earth atmosphere. Because lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student, depending on their age, language level, and personality, students signing up can be sure that they will be having a unique language learning experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Additionally, because Intersect is a private school with just two teachers, students will be made to feel at home with all their personal language learning goals & needs met. 
Junior High School students through to adults can, depending on their language level, interests, and personality, enjoy a wide range of language learning options, from card and board games centred around language learning functions (such as verb conjugation or forming questions and sentences), interactive reading & comprehension exercises, or, if their level is higher, anything from structured to free conversations. With conversations in particular, students (in both cases) can expect to receive a lot of assistance with their English fluency as well as a lot of fun, helpful information on some of the most common ways to communicate thoughts and ideas. From both the Native English and the Japanese teacher, they have access to cultural information including helpful phrases and idioms as real English speakers use them.
In all cases, communication is at the heart of Intersect’s teaching approach. Students will find themselves in an environment where they are comfortable and eager to produce language. All lessons are set up so that students are not just passively exposed to language or information, but are interactively involved in producing language and practicing language forms. Students can expect to have this experience in a creative, fun, and dynamic atmosphere, where no learning experience is quite like the last!