What’s Intersect Like? インターセクト外語ってどんな感じ?

Intersect (established in 1992) is located in northern Saitama, and has been committed to student’s needs for more than 20 years. All students at Intersect enjoy quality lessons from both a Native English speaking teacher and a Japanese (fluent in English) teacher, so they learn and get to have fun at the same time in such a unique way that they practice communicating and hearing natural English from the native speaker, while from the Japanese teacher they get tips in learning English along with some explanations of grammar, both in the same class.

Students range from pre-schoolers to adults. Each class is tailored for each student to make sure we support achieving their individual goals in learning English. And of course, we always strive to make all the classes enjoyable, interesting, and informative!







Born and raised in Kazo city, Saitama. I run an English conversation school called INTERSECT. I'm in a band capofteka. My guitar is Gibson Les Paul Special. Love my family and friends, bands and movies that inspired me in many ways.


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